The benefits of the project contribute to the result indicators of the Programme since they will enhance entrepreneurial business support environment that nurtures entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs (including startups). More specifically, the SeeG project will have the following main results/benefits:

  • Enhancement of the entrepreneurial business support environment and capacity building via the provision of a training program for 152 trainees (120 hours in GR & 10 days in BG), short building skills sessions for 120 trainees (52 hours), consultancy services to 112 participants (12 sessions), personalized support services to 40 participants (16 sessions) & mentoring to 104 participants (15 sessions)
    • Strengthening cross-border links for collaboration, enhancing networking and know-how exchange and raising awareness through the realization of 9 sectoral round tables, 2 building networks business forums, study visits, 14 thematic workshops and through the operation of a “bridging gaps” platform

    The results are specific; they’re well defined, measurable; e.g. refer to trainees, attainable; based on the needs of the CB area, realistic; there are no physical or financial constraints, and time-bound; there is enough time to be achieved and a specific timeline. Also, the project team will develop a flexible evaluative-monitoring results mechanism under WP1. The monitoring mechanism will guarantee the ongoing measurement of results and outputs allowing the in-time monitoring of the project and enabling the adaption of corrective measures.

    While, after its completion and through the development of the “bridging gaps” e-platform – a platform that will stay live and updated after project’s completion - the main results of the project will contribute further to the improvement of entrepreneurship conditions. The platform will host the results of the business growth strategy framework, the best practices on CB region and at EU level best practices and cooperation opportunities.


“The Project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” Cooperation Programme”.

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